Cfd Modelling Of The Decompression Process Of Hydrogen Pipeline

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CFD simulate a wide range of compressible, laminar and turbulent, steady-state or transient flows of ideal or real fluids,
in multi-dimensional geometries

It is proposed that this study a deep understanding to the previous case study of full scale burst test of hydrogen gas pipeline in Japan. And develop a case study that has a similar boundary condition to full scale burst test of hydrogen gas pipeline. Then achieve model that will determine the change in decompression wave velocity when the gas undergoes a decompression process from vary high pressure to low pressure. That model will governed by control volume equation also applied momentum conservation, energy equation and equation of ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, one of the major concerns in engineering design, construction and operating for gas pipeline is understand of the behaviour of gas pipeline material under crack initiation and fracture propagation prior to rupture. Because, in engineering design selection of material engineering design . Moreover, gas pipeline failure incident has a costly impact on assets replacement and revenue also losing time
Generally, hydrogen is transported in transmission pipeline under high pressure and it is really important to ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of the pipeline. Moreover, in the engineering design the material selection of gas pipeline should be based on the toughness and strength of the material that will be able to sufficiently arrest the propagation of any potential crack also resist and withstand internal stresses prior to any fracture.
According to Aihara et al they did a study that conducted a full scale burst test of hydrogen gas pipeline in Japan with two different pipes material (TMCP and TMR) the result shows that the crack arrest sooner with short propagation occurred in TMCP material. After examination of two both pipe materials the result shows that TMCP pipe material has better resistance then TMR and that is that reason that the crack arrest sooner with short propagation occurred (Aihara et al. 2010). Also that experiment supported by the present numerical simulation to the hydrogen decompression process shows same result. However it shows that the crack arrest sooner short propagation occurred with hydrogen then methane. Moreover, they state is that the reason is that “This is primarily due to the fact that hydrogen gas decompression is fast as compared with e.g. natural gas” (Aihara et al. 2010, p. 6)

Moreover, according to Phillips and Robinson “The determination of ductile shear fracture arrest toughness levels requires an accurate knowledge of the gas decompression behaviour following the rupture “(Phillips and Robinson. 2002, p.4). Furthermore if the decompression process could be model accurately for a specific gas as well as using the Battelle Two-Curve Model (BTCM) to determine the minimal material toughness required to arrest fracture using J curve (Leis and Brian, 2012, p.2).
Battelle Two-Curve Model (BTCM)
Battelle Two-Curve Model (BTCM) still used widely in industries since it has been developed in the 1970s. At earlier stage it used to predict the fracture control to natural gas and supercooled liquid pipeline. Then it has been simplified and used in ASME code of practices to predict the minimum tightness material required to arrest cracks and fracture propagation (Share, 2012, p.).

There are several of models that have been developed to evaluate a gas decompression wave speed. Nevertheless, one of the very popular model that has been develop in early 1970s is GASDECOM. Moreover, it still has proven that it has a range of validation to the operational conditions. It assumes a one-dimensional...

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