Ch 1 12 Frankenstein Study Guide Ap Literature Assignment

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Ch 1- 12 - Answer in Complete Sentences
1. What is man's background? (Do we know his name yet?) Where is he from?
a. The man was born in Geneva, Switzerland. His father held a public office and both his parents doted on him and idolized him. His name is first mentioned on p. 21 by his mother. - Victor Frankenstein
2. What is the story of the man's mother, Caroline Beaufort? How does the man feel toward his parents, and what responsibilities does he feel they had toward him?
a. Victor’s father’s best friend was Caroline Beaufort’s father. Beaufort fell into poverty and eventually died. Frankenstein Sr. rescued the young Caroline and married her when she came of age. Their “duty from heaven” was to raise Victor to be good and their guidance is responsible for all his future happiness or misery.
3. Who is Elizabeth Lavenza and what is her story? What gift does the man's mother give him? Do we know the man's name yet? Do we know his family name?
a. Elizabeth is the daughter of an Italian nobleman and a German woman. She was orphaned and taken in by a poor Italian family. Victor’s family adopts her and gives her as a present to him.
4. Who is Henry Clerval and what is his relation to Victor?
a. Henry Clerval is Victor’s childhood friend.
5. How does Victor characterize the interests and characters of Clerval, Elizabeth, and himself?
a. Clerval loves the stories of medieval knights and chivalry. Elizabeth enjoys the emotional aspect of poetry but does not pursue learning. She is nurturing and kind. Victor is fascinated with the study of science.
6. What happens when Victor sees an oak tree destroyed by lightning and hears an explanation? What does Victor then begin to study?
a. Victor decides to study electricity and galvanism – the process of using electricity to reanimate dead creatures.
7. What happens to Elizabeth and to Victor's mother as a result of Elizabeth's scarlet fever? How does this compare with the mother's early history?
a. Caroline catches scarlet fever and dies after nursing Elizabeth back to
health. Caroline’s father dies in similar circumstances. Victor experienced the same with Walton.
8. What does Victor learn from M. Waldman? How does Victor respond to him? How does Victor think of his older science as opposed to modern science? What does M. Waldman say in describing modern chemistry that changes Victor's mind? What does Victor say he will now do?
a. Waldman teaches chemistry. Victor admires the man’s sophisticated manners. Victor dislikes modern natural philosophy because the modern scientists are not seeking “immortality and power” (32). Waldman tells Victor that these modern scientists are looking into the mysteries of nature and acquiring almost “unlimited power” (33)
9. How well does Victor progress during the next two years? What does he then become interested in, and what ultimately does he discover?
a. Victor devotes his study only to natural philosophy and chemistry. He wants to create a human from dead body parts. He...

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