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The Byzantine and Arab empires have many similarities and differences in politics, religious, and economic structures. The Byzantine empire had a strong political system that lasted about one thousand years in between The Roman collapse in the west and the final overthrow of the regime by turkish invaders. The ruler much like the Chinese was appointed by god. Women could hold the throne but it was unlikely. An complex bureaucracy supported the imperial authority. The officials trained in Hellenistic knowledge in a secular or not religiously affiliated school system. A strong military force defended the empire. Troops were recruited locally and given land in return for service. The result of this was a large amount of people signing up for the military because it gave them a chance to finally own their own land. Over time though, hereditary military leaders developed regional power and replaced aristocrats who were better educated. By doing this they took the power from knowledge and gave it to the military.
They economically and socially depended on Constantinople's control of the countryside for agriculture and herding. The bureaucracy regulated trade and food prices. Peasants supplied the food and provided most tax revenues. They had established trade with other civilization around them to supply the people with the things they demanded. By doing this the people felt no need to revolt and the empire flourished. The strong trade made it possible for the Byzantines to be a large empire that could match the power of the Persians.
Different rituals grew from Greek and Latin versions of the Bible causing two versions of the christian faith to grow. Emperors resisted papal attempts to interfere in religious issues. hatred greeted the effort of the Frankish king, Charlemagne, to be recognized as Roman emperor. The final break between the two churches occurred in 1054 C.E. over arguments about the type of bread used in the mass and the...

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