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Robert Browning appears to be a brooding man; writing of dramatic and depressing poetry. “My Last Duchess” is a poem about a ruthless wealthy man who is cryptal in his explanation to his listener about the specific details of how his next wife should be. The listener is an agent who is representing the new bride and is ensnared in the vile trap of the Duke of Ferrara. The second poem is of a seemingly unstable husband who doesn’t know what to do with is worshipping and loving wife. She comes home from the rain and places herself in her lover’s arms; however, his reaction isn’t warming. In these two similarly contrasting works of art; there is the difference of the men, their ways of dealing ...view middle of the document...

His envy of his wife’s countenance showing glee towards others became a poison. It tainted his sight with hatred and caused him to take brutal actions. It is never bluntly said he killed her; however, it is hinted. Although, there could be a possibility he destroyed her lovely spirit and stored her somewhere no one could reach her. Then there is the matter of the insane lover. Never was there a word or sound uttered from him; however, his thoughts were radiated through the poem. There was confusion of what action to take, but before the end there was a decision made. Maybe he thought he would make her happier and take her out of misery of love and worship by taking this action. He stood up and wrapped his wife’s luscious golden hair around her neck and choked her until there was no more breath; killing her.
Third, there are a few similarities; however, their reason for their action was blatantly showed and expressed. The two men wanted to get rid of their wife; either for jealousy or hope in making her happier. Or there is a possibility of wanting to move away from their present lover and progress onto another. The Duke was positive in this thought, in fact the last lines of the poem is “We’ll meet the company below…fair daughter’s self…is my...

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