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The Quarter Quell Essay

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Mornings were never easy. Usually the thought of spending the day in school and then the evening in was exausting just to even think about it. So it didn't make getting out of his comfortable bed any easier- however, today was different. Today was the Reaping for the first ever Quarter Quell.
The Quarter Quell was something that was supposed to happen every twenty-five years since the dark days ended. So the fact that he was going to have the chance to be in the games for the first ever Quarter Quell, exciting wasn't the right word...he couldn't think of the right word.
"Ciruss, come on!" his younger brother said loudly as he pounded on his bedroom door. Jakob was two years younger than Ciruss, and way too eager about the games. He had wanted to be in the games since he turned eleven and since he knew that Ciruss had voted for him to get in the games...he was more excited than usual.
"Coming..." Ciruss yawned as he pulled himself out of bed and stumbled over to his closet and looked through everything. He decided on the pale blue button up shirt that his mother had gotten him specifically for this day, and a pair of black jeans.
After he was finished changing he slowly made his way down the stairs of the house only to instantly be attacked by his mother with a comb. He never put much time into his hair like some of the other boys his age, and that drove his mother crazy. Ciruss stood there for a moment to let his mother attempt to fix his hair and once she was satisfied with it, she took a step back and looked him over.
"I thought I told you to wear those dress pants, not jeans." she said as she put her hands on her hips. She looked past him up the stairs, "Jakob, no. Put on some nice clothes!" she said pointing the comb back up the stairs.
"But Ciruss is just wearing jeans," Jakob scowled.
Their mother gave Jakob a stern look and then looked at Ciruss, "You heard mom, nice clothes." Ciruss sighed as he walked past his mother and towards the kitchen.
"You have to go change too, Ciruss," she followed him into the kitchen.
He sighed and rolled his eyes, "I'm wearing this," he motioned to the shirt, "And I let you do my hair. You should take what you can get..." he finished his statement a bit sarcastically as he grabbed two pieces of bread and then grabbed a piece of cheese from the metal fridge and made himself a cheese sandwitch for breakfast.
"Don't give me that attitude, Ciruss." his mother stated sternly as she grabbed two glasses and then filled them with orange juice. She sighed, she knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with him. She knew that he didn't care for the games, "Could you please make Jakob a sandwitch too?"
Once Jakob had changed, Ciruss gave him his breakfast and they both quickly drank their orange juice. After that, the three of them left the house and began following the other family's that were going to the Justice Hall for the Reaping. This was the first year without their father with them. He had been...

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