Challenge And Taking Risk Essay

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"Failure is the mother of success" is an old saying in Eastern countries which means that people are encouraged to try and fall down for the first time of doing something extraordinary or even a normal thing. Mistakes you make today might be invaluable lessons for your success tomorrow. The world would stay the same unless people motivated themselves for new hopes and opportunities. The world could not change by itself without movement of people. People is the No.1 factor who can make life changed and more colorful. Challenge and searching for opportunities also mean taking risk and we need strong leaders to lead us on the right way of achieving thing which we were and are dreaming of or innovation we want to make. Leaders can be you, me or any ordinary people who dare to dream and have abilities to lead others to get extraordinary things done. A good leader doesn't mean that you have to be smart or genius but the courage to try new thing and experience challenges with the vision over the horizon of today. Challenge-taking, where the emanation of challenges is, what they bring to leaders and how leaders deal with them are discussing in this paper.Challenge of change:No one from the time of 1920's ever thought that household appliances nowadays can help women a lot from housework. Women are released from doing house stuff and concentrate on social activities more than women 80 years ago. It was a dream of the 80's women and this dream became reality as a consequence of innovation and creating new things. If people didn't pursue the dream they were carrying, the whole stuff that we have today would not be achieved. The same way in business, none of successful leaders were waiting for luck or fate to smile upon them. They had to struggle with difficulties and accept them as a fact and sometimes they were seeking for challenge. Challenge emanates from the dream of making life better and people want to make innovation for easing the way of living and in business also. These leaders show their willingness to take risks for the sake of changing the business environment, for instance, the challenge could be the shifts in their industries, the new demands of the marketplace, an innovative new products or setting-up a new business. To them, challenge has been perceived as motivation and performance level improving. They are always searching for the new opportunities, experimentations and changes. Even they know all these things also involve risk and failure, they still proceed anyway. And challenge could appear as a difficulty which business encounters in a period of time. For instance, the change in organizational culture of Chrysler (1994) made impressive results: overhead was cut by $4.2 billion in under 4 years, the stock prices has quadrupled, and the company reserved its slide into bankruptcy and became profitable. While in the early 1990s, Chrysler had terrible customer service and press relations, with a history of innovation but a present of...

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