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Challenge Day Essay

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My experience at Challenge Day allowed me to realize how many of my peers live their life in pain and grief and how youth hide their true feelings with fake images they make of themselves. Challenge Day is a day full of fun, leadership, and power that can change the way youth view one another. The goal of the event is to stop the teasing, violence, and isolation that is a part of the school experience for young people. I attended this event on November 6, 2013. Since it was cold and miserable in the morning, I was not looking forward for this function. Before the event, my friends had warned me that I would leave with tears in my eyes and as a whole new person; I was determined that I would not turn weak and I would definitely not cry in front of other students.

As I stepped off the bus, realization hit me in the face; a whole day off and I was at school instead of sleeping in and relaxing. “Lets just get this over with”, I thought with a yawn. Waiting for a hour in front of the gym for the doors to open at Invergarry Adult Education Center was definitely not described on the trip permission form. While waiting for the doors to open, the student monitors helped kill the boredom with little games such as, Simon Says, Cops and Robbers, and Red Rover. Finally at nine, the gym doors opened with a bang. “Here goes nothing”,was the first thought that entered my mind. Cautiously, the student monitors led the way through the doors. Hesitantly, we followed their footsteps. As the students and I entered through the gym doors, the teachers cheered and applauded for us. This act of kindness put a enormous smile on my face, as I hurried along the row of chairs to find a seat with my friends.

Before long, the whispers and murmurs died down as the instructors took turns introducing themselves. Jennifer, a woman with brown, straight hair and a childish grin greeted us with a bubbly laugh. Randy, a man with short coal black hair and humorous eyes, rapped us a song, blasted music loudly and his content eyes twinkled. Both introduced themselves and explained the reason that all of us were here: To inspire youth to be the change they want to see in the world using the formula NOTICE, CHOOSE, and ACT. This is when individuals notice conditions in the world that they would like to change, thus they choose one that is significant to themselves and act on their decision. To get our bodies and minds warmed up, Randy made us run around, introduce ourselves, highfive others, and dance crazily. After a while, we returned to our seats, laughing and holding on to our stomachs. Additionally, Jennifer explained the importance of hugs and how an average human requires around twelve hugs a day. Confused, I realized that I hardly even received one hug a day. Further, students got together with a partner, danced together, and spent break time getting to know them. This allowed us to learn more about our peers and their life.

Slowly, the topics the instructors...

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