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Challenger Explosion: The Disaster That Changed How We Look At Space Travel

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How many times do you get in your car, thinking it will explode? probably never. The passengers on the Challenger didn't think so either. The Challenger explosion was a disastrous and life changing event in history.
Many things happened before the challenger exploded into fire. The cost of the space shuttle was around 1.2 billion. (Hanson 26+) To avoid disaster and any troubles, millions of dollars were wasted in attempt to keep the Challenger safe. Many things like Space simulation for failure, computer shut downs, engine failures, and many things along those lines. We all know that it didn't succeed. The Challenger made lift off at Cape Canaveral, Florida. In 1949, this site had been the area where the Air Force tested missiles and missile systems. Many of NASA's shuttles were launched out from here including Gemini and Apollo flights. From 1963 to 1973, the Shuttle site was changed ...view middle of the document...

(Hohler 57) Christa was born September 2,1948 in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew wanting to help kids pursue their dream, and in 1970 when she graduated from virginia military institute, she got the chance to by becoming a teacher for an american history class in junior high.

“I told them how excited I would be to go into space and how thrilled I was when Alan Shepard made his historic flight, and when John Kennedy announced on the news that the men had landed safely on the moon, and how jealous I was of those men.” (Hohler Flap).
“7 vials of blood, 668 questions answered on medical history. 3 hours as a lab rat doing x rays, eye tests, and dental checkup.” (Hohler 101) all of these were the trials and tribulations to be able to take a ride in the challenger. Christa McAuliffe died on that day, leaving her friends and family on the earth in shock. in 2004, she was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.
Day of the crash was disastrous and will always be remembered.
The crash was caused by the air being too cold and at take off, a small hole formed in one of the gas cylinders. (“Challenger Disaster”) The flight only lasted a devastating 73 seconds. The crew of this disastrous event all died during the explosion, or on impact on the earth. 17% of americans witnessed this horrible monstrosity on their TV’s, radios, or eye witnesses. Imagine seeing the beginning of a new chapter in your country's space program, yet to see it crumble to the earth like crushed crackers on a table. President Reagan gave a speech at the memorial service on the challenge. President Reagan and his wife nancy both traveled to the Johnson Space Center for this memorial and Reagan gave a heart touching speech on how “Sometimes, when we reach for the stars, we fall short. But we must pick ourselves up again and press on despite the pain” (Challenger Disaster)
To conclude, the challenger explosion was a disastrous and life changing event in history. we have learned many things from it and it certainly has opened our eyes. It wasn't a success but it was a building block toward safer and more efficient space travel.

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