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Challenges Facing A Corporation When Implementing A Network

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Challenges corporations face when developing a network.Networking plays a vital part in business today. It provides the tool to link people, software and hardware together. It is not bound by time differences, and it provides businesses the opportunity to work together in ways that would not have been possible 20 years ago. Corporations depend on networking more and more. With the advent of a global economy, the infrastructure has grown more complex. The challenge is finding an innovative business model and the right technology to provide long-term value and increased profitability. Although the International Connectivity map leads one to believe that the digital divide is narrowing, there are some remote areas that have no connectivity. An article from ABCNews dated July 22, 2000, stated that only one in 20 people worldwide have access. The potential for businesses to link into global market are endless, the challenge is penetrating the areas where access is low.Every office whether it is large or small needs access to a wide variety of communications tools to enhance their internal business process and or to effectively service customers. One of the first considerations is how the network will be used and who will have access to it. A company needs to look at a various types of networking technologies and match them to their needs. If it is a small local area network (LAN) the infrastructure will be different than that of a wide area network (WAN) Data is transmitted differently and would, therefore require a completely different infrastructure from the LAN. It is important to note, however, that communication between the two is easily achieved through routers, and other hardware devices. In either case a good solid infrastructure must be built. The infrastructure should be at least one step ahead of where the business is. Depending on the mix of communications tools, an integrated solution might be an option.Next consideration must be given to the Internet. There are many options ranging from the simple to the complex. Today, many businesses take the opportunity to do business through the development of a "home page" on the World Wide Web. A home page is a type of multimedia billboard that allows current and potential customers to gain access to a business's portfolio of goods and services.Matching the need and the communications tools a company's design team can look at various methods of technology, one of which is IP. This provides access to the web as well as the private networks, known as a VPN. This provides a secure access for internal corporate information. The TCP/IP protocol is the technology that should be considered when building an Internet. TCP/IP is flexible and allows businesses to meet evolving needs. Another method, which is gaining popularity and can ultimately provide a cost effective way for remote areas is Voice over IP. It is a network that joins telecommunications and data communications together at high degree of...

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