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“Today, we do not live in a civilization, we live in a ‘globalisation’ – with a globalisation of resources, a globalisation of business activity and a globalisation of humanity” (Schermerhorn et al., 2014, p. 151). This large scale societal evolution of the global economy of late has resulted in the need for managers to possess a transnational outlook, be competent in working with other cultures, be more informed of international developments (Schermerhorn et al., 2014, p. 90), as well as be able to successfully manage the expansion of their firm into international territories by respecting the culture of the host country, and through the use of expatriates. These are employees who live and ...view middle of the document...

259), managers face the challenge of developing policies that accommodate for the expatriation and repatriation of these employees who play a principal role in the success of overseas expansions. Despite the widespread recognition of the importance of quality personnel retention in global organisations, there is a lack of support for repatriates on their return from overseas posting (Black, Gregersen et al. 1992; Lazarova, 2011; Swaak, 1997 as cited in Chew & Debowski, 2008, p. 3; McPhail et al., 2012, p. 259). As discussed by Chew & Debowski (2008), current models tend to assume that repatriates are able to resume their lives upon returning to their native environment without much trouble or support (p. 4), when the truth is “repatriates (are) somewhat disillusioned and jaded on their return” (p. 4) and are known to experience reverse culture shock and a lower standard of living as a result of the loss of salary and fringe benefits provided while on foreign assignments (p. 4). Therefore, upon their return to a “normal post”, 25 percent of repatriates wish to leave the company (Abueva, 2000; Adler, 1991; Black and Gregersen, 1990 as cited in Chew & Debowski, 2008, p. 4). Managers of MNCs face the challenge of developing repatriate strategies that prevent an estimated direct loss of $1.5 million that comes with the departure of a single repatriated employee (Abueva, 2000; Black, 1992; Peck, 1997 as cited in Chew & Debowski, 2008, p. 4) as well as the loss of a competitive edge and knowledge-based resources, which are “the most strategic resources” of a company (de Pablos, 2004, p. 105) to their competitors. Hence, managers are met with the challenge of providing effective repatriation policies that cater for the vulnerabilities of returning expatriates, providing them with the support required to...

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