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Challenges Faced By Women In Pakistan

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“Women hold up half the sky at the same height as by men”
Mao Zedong (Founder of Chinese communist party).
These are the words of Chairman Chinese Communist Party and we can see the progress of China by applying these policies. Considering Pakistanis, we are living in an Islamic Republic country which is supposed to have equal rights for both men and women but on observation we see that this is not the case in Pakistan. The perception of women in Pakistan has gone back to pre-Islamic stages when women were considered inferior to men. Being a democratic and Islamic republic, women along men should share equal rights as depicted in our holy teachings of Islam, which also is the basis of the constitution of Pakistan. Admitting the fact that Pakistan is a developing country and somehow all of us have to suffer but besides all this it can be clearly seen that women are more neglected as compared to men and they have to face a lot of challenges prevailing in Pakistan.
We are living in an Islamic society and Islam has given an equal status to both men and women. Still our society is male dominant. In the past before the rise of Islam, women had no rights. They were considered inferior to men. If we cast a look at our society, then we will come to know that the status and condition of women is gradually getting back towards the age before Islam’s arrival.
“And the believers, men and women, are friends one of another. They enjoin good and forbid evil and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger. As for these, Allah will have mercy on them. Surely Allah is Mighty, Wise” (9:71)
The birth of a girl in most regions of Pakistan is frequently met with disappointment, even anger, and eventually the mothers are always blamed. As a result the female child receives lesser food, poor health quality and a lack of other basic necessities and as a result girls are more prone to die of childhood diseases and a leading reason for a high mortality rate in Pakistan.
“He (Allah) grants females to whom He pleases and grants males to whom He pleases, or He grants them both males and females…” (42:49, 50)
Muhammad (PBUH) is a role model for all Muslims. He set up a beautiful example of himself being helpful around the household and treating his family with compassion and love. Muhammad (PBUH) treated his wives with the utmost respect and honor and was never harsh towards them. One of their famous quotations is:
“The best of you are those who are best to their wives.” [6:19 Tirimidhi, Sahih]

In typical Pakistan family system in the name of arranged marriage we have forced marriages rather than arranged marriages. These types of marriages are considered arranged marriages in general in which often the girl has not even seen the face of the man nor does she know what kind of a man he is and to whom she is going to marry and spend the rest of her life. Even though these kind...

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