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The purpose of this review is to summarise, analyse and synthesise two authors’ arguments. Maak and Pless (2009) in Business leaders as citizens of the world. Advancing humanism on a global scale and also Thomas (2010) in the Global moral compass for business leaders.
This papers reviews complex challenges facing the world and business leaders today. It describes how the worlds pressing problems can be resolved in other to make the environment a more sustainable place. Maak and Pless (2009) claims that it takes a responsible, global and cosmopolitan mindset to improve the values of humanity on a global scale. This is to say that liable global leader that can be depended upon and also willing to take responsibilities for the pressing problems arising in the external society. However, it can be argued that the world needs a leader whose attitude is open to widely alternative views and values, able to integrate long-term considerations and a broad selection of stakeholder’s interests into its strategic choices which is based on a stable and transparent “moral compass” which helps to manage moral challenges (Thompson 2010).
The world is getting more complex and problems are springing up as it is increasingly getting integrated and interconnected (Maak and Pless 2009). The authors claim that the arising problems cannot be solved by communities, governments and NGO’s alone. Therefore in order to build a sustainable future, the public, private and non-profit organisations have to identify their distinct roles and help tackle the pressing problems facing the world since they have always played interlocking roles.
Both papers argue that some of the pressing problems of the world like poverty and moral challenges arising as a result of globalisation cannot be ignored nor neglected by business leaders. Therefore the world needs responsible leaders who care about the welfare of other humans to make the world a better place. To buttress this point, it has been suggested that leaders need to be educated to value human beings and environment more than material things in other to embrace sustainability ( Jones and Miller 2010:5). More importantly, Maak and Pless (2009) claims that although business leaders ought to contribute in building a more sustainable environment, they shouldn’t be blamed for the global public problems.
Maak and Pless (2010:538) refer to the work of Lodge and Wilson (2006) which argues that stakeholders expect little or nothing from business leaders based on the assumption that they have been reluctant in the past towards making contribution in solving the world’s pressing problems. As a result of this assumption some developments have been set up which indicates that business leaders and multinational corporations are now stimulated to make contributions towards a sustainable future and also ready to take part in assisting the less privileged . In my opinion, the economy would be at rest knowing fully well that business leaders and...

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