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Challenges Facing The Uae Health Care System

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No one can deny that UAE is a young rising society and faces a lot of challenges as other young societies. Those challenges have a great impact on the country development and prosperity regarding different aspects. One of these aspects is the health care system. No doubt that these challenges do not affect UAE alone but it also have an effect on other countries all over the world. In my paper, I will specify challenges affecting the health care system in the United Arab Emirates. Let us spot the light on the development of health care system in UAE before discussing challenges. For example, The mortality rate among infants has decreased from 10.1 to 8.71 per 1000 birth child between 1995 and 2004.1 Some studies show that the leading causes of death among UAE nationals are cardiovascular diseases, accident and poisoning, tumors respectively. Therefore, chronic diseases are considered one of challenges that the country faces. Other challenges include the lack of the human resources and the health care services.
Chronic disease is long term. Generally, it has no cure. This kind of disease exists from long time ago. In the last few years, it has increased sharply. There are some diseases which spread in the UAE such as diabetes hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Definitely, it has no cure, but we can reduce it effects and complications. For instance, the cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of mortality in the UAE, which are estimated by 21.24%. (Ministry of Health, 2008). Cancer has a high rate of mortality. The statistics shows 8.6% of death caused by cancer. Cancer of lung and breast are most common cancers between male and female In UAE. There are control and prevention activities in UAE such as early deduction of breast cancer. (World Health Organization, HSP, 2006). Additionally, diabetes can lead to some chronic diseases such as heart problems and kidney failure. However, the rate of morality caused by diabetes is between 2-3 %.
UAE suffers from the lack of local doctors and nurses (World Health Organization, Country cooperation strategy for who and the United Arab Emirates, 2006). This happens because most students prefer to find a job before finishing the college. Moreover, men students like to study art section rather than scientific section. To find a solution for this problem, governmental institutions such as Abu Dhabi Education Council try to give student salary every month when they study in specific college. However, what are the problems if the UAE depends on doctors from other countries? . Depending on foreign doctors cause some problems. It considers a big problem as it costs the government a lot. What is more language is a problem for some doctors and patients. For example, some doctors find some difficulties when they try to communicate with old men and women because old people can speak Arabic only. Thus doctors use a nurse as a translator. Some patients...

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