Challenges Facing Uae Healthcare System Essay

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Challenges facing UAE’s healthcare system

The healthcare system in the UAE has started its long and fascinating journey to
reach the point where it is today amongst the best destination for treatment in the world due to the highly advanced technology that is used in our facilities, speaking of facilities the UAE has 40 hospitals now in comparison to the horrific state it was before it started its journey. But of course it is not the best because there are obstacles in our way and we intend on overcoming them. This essays aim is to talk about these obstacles like chronic dieses and lack of local doctors.

Chronic dieses are one of the main obstacles in the UAE’s health care system’s way to becoming the most sufficient in the world. Many dieses have spread around for the past few years first of all is cardiovascular dieses which is 20% of the causes of death in the UAE , then we have in second place obesity which is of course due to the laziness and inappropriate life styles and diets and of course eventually will lead to diabetes and that would lead to kidney failure , heart problems and sometime blindness , then breast cancer which had caused a stir in the society in the past two or three years with all the awareness campaigns and free screening and last but not least respiratory related dieses like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There are other dieses of course but those were our main concerns.

The second reason is the low quantity of national doctors in the field which could lead to as said by Nigel Weale, chief executive of University Hospital Sharjah to a lack of trust. There are not many national doctor because of firstly lack of support but of course if they were studying engineering they would have gotten scholarships and a monthly allowance on top of it and speaking of allowance there is the problem of salaries how can it possibly be that a newly graduate medical student who has spent 13 or 14 years of his life studying get the same salary as a business student who has just...

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