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Challenges For Correctional Administrators Essay

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What are some challenges that correctional administrators are faced with regarding the population of inmates? This may be a question that many people do not consider. Correctional administrators have to work very hard and be creative to ensure that all inmates, regardless of their challenges, needs are being met. The challenges of typical inmates are characterized by those that are mentally ill, elderly, and female inmates.
Correctional administrators face a host of challenges when it comes to mentally ill inmates. Mentally ill inmates require more supervision and more care in regards to their well-being in the facility that they are housed in. In most facilities, mentally ill inmates are limited to less than substantial counseling services which may lead to disruptive behaviors. According to the Napa Valley Register, (2013), “Mentally ill inmates cannot be forced to take their medication by authorities.” (para. 6). Even though being incarcerated can be hard on the healthiest person, it’s harder on mentally ill inmates. When it comes to the mentally ill inmates, they are faced with greater stress when they are confined to one area, harsh lights, and strict schedules. Correctional administrators have to struggle with the concept of providing more supervision, specialized psychological care, and medications that are not usually accessible to assist with their behavior and other health needs.
Additionally, elderly inmates are also a major challenge that correctional administrators are faced with. One major problem consists of their failing health. Elderly inmates are confronted with cognitive issues that occur rapidly without the proper diagnosed. Another problem with the elderly inmates may consist of outbursts of aggression that is not a typical behavior that they have in the past. These inmates are also faced with the problem of being safe and protected when they are around other inmates. For the elderly inmates, they encounter many problems dealing with health issues, outbursts of aggression, and being safe on a daily basis while...

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