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Challenges International Students Face Studying In The Uk

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In the last two decades, there has been a significant improvement in education systems especially in developed countries resulted many students prefer to complete their study in these countries. Students who are non-native speakers will probably recognise some distinction in the way of education especially in writing. This essay will critically evaluate Linn (2009) argument about the differences between non-native students and native students, and illustrate that it is not one hundred percent true that foreign students have to learn a new method of thinking and writing in academic style when they decide to study in the UK. This will be assessed by focusing on six features of the UK academic writing which takes from the article.

The first feature of the UK academic writing is that Kaplan (1996) cited in Linn (2009) argues that there are a number of organisational types in all writing language and that lead native speakers to know which style is better to use for academic writing. It can be argued that it is not totally true. Arabic style, on the whole, has the same basic organisation of writing which includes the introduction, body and conclusion. The differences possibly appear in the main body. For example, students write the main body as one paragraph instead of dividing it into several sections.

The second feature of the UK academic writing is that Jordan (1997) cited in Linn (2009) states that foreign students are less likely to structure their writing very well. Linn argues is completely true. A great number of students who are non-native speakers find difficulty when they attempt to make a plan for their essay. For instance, on account of the fact that writing in English has a particular structure depending on the question, Arabic students usually spend long time deciding which organisation they will choose to write.

The third aspect of the UK academic writing is that according to Burstein, Kukich, Wolff, Lu and Chodorow (1998) cited in Linn (2009), a text which has been written in the English style can be identified by the amount of explicit discourse markers used. It seems that this point it is partially true. Linking words, signposts and connectors are also used in Arabic writing but not as much as English writing. Consequently, non-native students might not have difficulties with using discourse markers. However, they may need to increase the number of explicit discourse markers to improve their writing.

The fourth aspect of the UK academic writing is that the measure of using metaphors and proverbs in English writing are depend on the type of writing, while Arabic and Chinese writers use the same amount of metaphors and proverbs in both academic writing and not academic writing (Linn). It can be seen that it is partly correct because Linn (2009) states that there is not...

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