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Challenges Of Being An Advocate And Neutral Facilitator (Mediation)

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Challenges of Being an Advocate and Neutral Facilitator (Mediation)Reginald GriffinAdvocacy and Mediation BSHS-442February 27th, 2010Nicole FogelUniversity of PhoenixChallenges of Being an Advocate and Neutral FacilitatorMediators and advocates are essential in the human service profession. Unfortunately, most individuals are not knowledgeable about their rights and or laws that pertain to their particular situation. Mediators make certain to treat parties fairly and are responsive of their rights, which make mediators a valuable tool when conflicting parties cannot come to an agreement. Advocates are also an important aspect to the human services profession especially for groups of people who cannot defend for themselves like homeless veterans and their families, mentally, and the physically disabled.As a military veteran, I have a special interest in assisting and supporting veterans dealing with life challenges like homelessness and drug and alcohol additions in the greater Seattle area. Although I share my personal opinion, my personal approach and philosophy to advocating or mediating will differ in working with veterans. Distinct differences exist between working as an advocate and bringing parties together toward resolution as a mediator. As an advocate, working for the rights of our veterans, I would be responsible for facilitating intervention(s) with all local resources, and actively working to obtain and keep the veterans in a safe environment.Advocates for veterans who are homeless have the position of contacting appropriate agencies to follow up and make sure that support services needed by the veterans are coming through with the promised aid for their shelter, sobriety, and support. This aid may include the possibility of providing ancillary support to the veteran; however, it is a fine line to cross. As the advocate for homeless veterans the first priority is to ensuring the veteran is clean and sober and provide support if not.As the advocate of veterans in this situation, I would focus my efforts toward working amicably with the VA system to make the situation as tolerable for the veterans as possible and to help the veterans keep a normal schedule with appointments. As a human service professional, I will face my share of ethical dilemmas. Some of those dilemmas that I will face will be difficult to work through because they go against my personal system of beliefs, which could interfere with my professional judgment. Therefore, I will not have a difficult time confronting or reporting a client has threatened to harm...

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