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Challenges Of Fighting A Forest Fire Versus Urban Fire

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The fire service is a respected part of community life. It is a service to save lives, protect property from fire, disaster, and conserve the environment. The commitment required in becoming a firefighter. It is a challenging job both physically and mentally. Firefighters are highly qualified personnels who can be rapidly mobilized in order to achieve a required task. It is the job in which you can take pride in protecting citizens life, nature, wildlife and property.
One firefighter was joining the firefighter team at that time you he may at novice level. And then you are getting trained for enough amount of time to learn fire fighting skills. In this field learning ...view middle of the document...

The most common health issue they are facing is frostbite, which in extreme cases requires amputation of fingers or toes. The other health related issue they are facing is hypothermia. In such cold condition officers need to keep track of how tired firefighters are and how cold, they are and they will have to make rotation of them according to that to keep them warm. Their equipment can also get froze. They will also have to face the situation like frozen gloves and sleeping roads.

Physical fitness of firefighters
• The firefighter is a person who needs to be physically and mentally strong because it is his job requirement.
• Firefighters need to do regular exercise to be fat free and physically strong because he will have to protect his own, co-worker’s and people’s life.
• He needs to work with his full potential.

Rescue and Extrication
• Rescue means save someone from danger or distressing situation.
• It means saving the life of victims from natural disaster, structural collapse, elevation differences and other situation.
• On the other hand extrication is defined as releasing someone from a snarled or tangled condition.
• A car wrack is an example of extrication.

Forcible Entry
• Most of the security people are conscious and keeps their things locked. So firefighters have to pass through their security measures and have to do things like rescue and fire distinguish.
• Forcible entry means entering into the place where normal entering is locked or non-exist.
• They will have to make forcible entry in a way which gives minimal damage and gives quick access for fire fighting.
• There are many tools which are being used for forcible entry and firefighters have to use these tools in a proper way and to care for getting success.

There are some common problems that any firefighters would have to face:
• Inhalation of the superheated air (flame)
• Falling from the height in a building collapse
• Interruption of fresh air supply during the rescue...

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