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Challenges Of Leadership And How To Formulate For Work

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First of all, I'd like to thank you sir for letting us to discover new matters about leadership aspects and its broadest dimensions & how could we formulate them especially in our work place. Frankly, I'm really impressed by the information that I have learned and I got from this book. In addition, as a matter of fact, it taught me how to think positively about several matters in regards to the leadership and its contemporary challenges. Moreover, Through my readings the book showed me how is the best leader is marked by persistent effort, competence, and attention to details. Furthermore, it connects the dots that are lacking in my mind and reveals the blindness sector in my brain that make me a wise man who is able to serve and command as a leader in my work place to the fullest potentials.

Secondly, as the authors analyzed various personal best leadership experiences. In each case, they found remarkably similar patterns of action. In my perspective, they have framed those practices into a model of leadership and filtered to the principles that each and every leader must do to attain the prosperity. Therefore, I will illustrate the five integrated practices of idealistic leadership here in this paper and how to use each of them on-board ship (my workplace).

The Model of the Way indicates that the leadership is a commitment,role models and art of the management, before they are permissions and views. Therefore, any ship captain should've portrayed an image in his mind about the ideal employee who wants to have to work under his command on board his ship. But this is not enough for the seafarers to achieve that model. They have to understand and naturally follow the captain or the direct person in command that whom assigning their daily jobs on-board the ship, for example but not limited to, the First Officer. Then his\their plans, instructions and visions. Hence, the perfect leader (Captain\Officer) knows that getting adherence to the others and encourage them to achieve elevated objectives, in fact, it requires them to reflect conductance & behavioral models that they wish to view it from the others. In order that the commander or a leader achieving the embodiment of the influential performance model, he has to express to the crew members about values ​that he really believes in. In addition, to embody those values & principles through practical examples in front of them.

While, Inspire a Shared Vision means that any maritime community around the world begins as soon as a beautiful dream is imagined, which symbolizes the force that paid members of these communities to make & meet their challenges in the near future. The proper description of the successful leader that he is the one who creates the bright future, and a hope seller. Furthermore, the influential captain puts a clear vision of the work environment on board the ship, which portrays the remarkable chances that will be the future of his community and pays enthusiasm across his...

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