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Challenges Of Teams Essay

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Challenges of Groups and TeamsOrganizational Leadership 531August 2010Challenges of Groups and TeamsThe University of Knowledge established in 1976 by an educated economist and professor-turned entrepreneur, saw an opportunity and, took advantage of it (University of Knowledge). The program at the university was designed to target and accommodate working adults. The University of Knowledge has grown into the nation's largest private university offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs across the country. Companies that grow at rapid rates lose focus on the quality that helped the business arrive at success in such a short time. The University of Knowledge in recent years has had several law-suits filed against the school as well as publicized problems. In this training plan team C will discuss the challenges as they relate to: Communication, Conflict and, Collaboration.Turnover with staff and students, financial aid processes, learning teams, and relentless quest for profits has diminished the quality of education offered. Policy issues that in fact, have made it more difficult for working adults to resolve, in what was deemed a consumer friendly environment (Consumer affairs). The university is acclaimed for the online learning system however for the older generation of working adults; the ability to have hands-on learning is not readily available. Thus, this method desensitizes students from the personal approach to learning in a classroom setting because not all students are computer friendly. The corrective action described below will address the challenges aforementioned along with methods best suited for the university to regain student and employee loyalty.Current SystemThe University of Knowledge is a for-profit institution operates using a team-based learning format. Faculty promotes a collective learning process that will allow students to interact with faculty and collaborate with colleagues throughout the degree completion process. Many challenges prevent these types of collaborations from occurring leading to instability in the organization.Biggest ChallengeUOK received regional accreditation through the north central association of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Regional accreditation is essential for an academic institution to be recognized in offering reputable curricula to consumers (students). Typically, traditional academic recognition commands universities to obtain additional accreditation by another academic source referred to as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) that mandates additional criterion for schools to gain approval. Without this element, the credibility of the university will come into question and be subjected to scrutiny. Although receiving regional credibility was a notable accomplishment, The University of Knowledge lacks the accreditation necessary to validate its business degree programs (AACSB). This...

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