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Challenges Of Unemployment          The All American Dream – Go

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Challenges of Unemployment The all American dream - go to college, get a good job, work hard and you will be successful - is no longer as easily obtainable for many. What worked well twenty years ago does not work so well today. This is partially because there are more qualified workers that can perform the same jobs. Also, we hear everyday or read in the news that the unemployment rate in America continues to rise. Layoffs, downsizing and corporate bankruptcies are greater than ever, with today's worker wondering if they will be next. This makes employees undecided - do I stay, or change careers? Furthermore, it greatly affects employee attitudes, and loyalty. What the media doesn't tell you is that even with the vast amounts of layoffs there is also a greater number of people being hired. Unfortunately, the unemployment challenge as a whole creates poor moral among workers, and is quickly becoming one of the greatest challenges facing the United States today.At first glance the unemployment rate seems very high, although, if you consider that it includes those who aren't really looking due to the belief that there are no jobs, it will help you stay objective. According to the U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics, in surveys conducted. "The number of discouraged workers was 355,000 in October, also about unchanged from the same month a year earlier. Discouraged workers, a subset of the marginally attached, were not looking for work specifically because they believed no jobs were available for them." So what does this really mean? Basically, it means that there is a great number of people who are either not employed or aren't really looking because they don't believe that there is a place for them to go to work. This greatly affects us all. Across the country we see so many workers being laid off or fired. As we hear daily, many corporations have already begun or are in the process of possibly restructuring. This creates very high stress levels in the work force. Even the companies that aren't talking about layoffs or pay cuts have there personnel concerned about becoming unemployed. Employees wonder if they are next in the corporate chopping block. Many who are laid off aren't really prepared for such a blow and they feel as if they have nowhere to turn. After all, many of the other industries are going through the same as they are, aren't they? Employee moral and stress weighs heavily upon workers minds, not only for the unemployed looking, but also the ones who are still working. Many of the workers who are still employed are given unreasonable amounts of work. Often when a company has big layoffs, the work that was performed by others is passed on to the remaining staff. This creates extreme pressure and stress for those still working. Now, what used to be a three person job has been combined into a one person job. For example, in an article posted by Bay one manager stated. "if I call accounting because...

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