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Challenges Tertiary Levl Students Encounter In Their First Year Of Study

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The Journal of International Affairs. Scholarly Journal
"Climate change" Adaptations in the pacific islands
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Climate change in the pacific islands
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Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change Project

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PROQUEST (all databases)

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The use of science and technology databases selected , phrases indicated by the quotation marks, also full text was selected and peer review selected. All together there were 5788 outcome of which 2905 results were found out in the scholarly journal. There was unlimited outcomes of which very few contains high-quality of information and also less articles were found out.

The research was conducted without the use of quotations marks , also phrases not connected with Boolean operators and full text was not used in here. Altogether there were 780000 results found , it consists of very little important issues to discuss on this topic. The article taken was from the same results that was shown in the research but it took a lotof time find it out.

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This article is about the impacts and responses to climate change in the pacific islands and the titanic states in the 2005. This is a scholarly journal article. As this article assesses the penalty of climate change on the Pacific islands and explore the potential to mitigate and acclimatize to these effects. It tells the exact causes of climate change , therefore this article is a scope.

This article was a good indicator of the effect caused by the climate change in the pacific islands. Therefore the resources which was found was useful and had a positive information.

This project is about the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change .This is a project by the the United Nations Development Program in partnership with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program, and is supported by partner governments which aims to reduce vulnerability and increase adaptive capacity, of both men and women equally, to the adverse effects of climate change in key development sectors including coastal and water management, and agriculture. Its not exact on the topic so it is not a scope.

The project does not contain much information's therefore it has a negative impact on the research.


The article is...

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