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Challenges That Face The Health Care System In The United Arab Emirates

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Recently the United Arab Emirates have development in all fields, including health field where tried to reach the highest echelons in health care system. Despite the government's new reforms and medical service providers in the United Arab Emirates, but it still faces greatest challenges in the health care system. This essay includes some of challenges I thought that it’s important and it should being cared.
Recently there has been a rise in the rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Where these diseases became accounted for 31% of total numbers of death and increased spread of diabetes in the UAE to more than 20% also, the heart disease ranked the second reason of death (Boos Allen Hamilton, n.d). This is due to the lifestyle in the UAE society. Although the life is consistently changing, but the amount of food and volume that effort a person does a day not change too much. Also the spread of the bad health habits such as smoking is a reason for one types of cancer. In fact every smoker known that the cigarettes may causes lung cancer and some companies wrote this information in the cigarettes packs but they didn’t leave smoking. So, this is due to poor health habits for people. Development increased opportunities for the spread of these diseases rather than decline.
The population in the UAE is constantly increasing so, more people less doctors and need for more hospitals. The current population are 8 454 167 person at this moment ( The country needs more hospitals and doctors to being enough for this numbers of population. In fact, the government tries to graduate a big number of doctors because with the development the population are increasing and increasing. As we saw in our college in 2013 there are 156 male students and 376 female students so, they want to graduate more doctors ( They also, try to building more hospitals and clinics. During to the statistics that done by Health Authority in Abu Dhabi in 2011 there were 34 hospitals and 759 centers and clinics with 427 pharmacies, 4’900 doctors, 10’504 nurses and 5’222 health professionals & pharmacists in 1’353 licensed facilities(Health Statistics, 2011). So the number of hospitals and clinics are increasing and nearly every towns or villages have at least one clinic.
Potential transmission of infectious diseases with expats. This is a serious threat under the current ease of travel and moving between countries and continents. In fact, UAE attracts large numbers of temporary workers for several works, which makes them are more likely to transmission of infectious diseases. According to the statistics in 2013, the UAE was place the fifth of countries in the world in terms of the number of immigrant’s. They...

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