Challenges That The Leaders Of Today's Health Care Organizations Face Gcu Amp 450v Essay

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Leaders in today’s American healthcare systems are faced with several challenges that need critical attention otherwise they are bound to get out of hand. In the very near future, these challenges are likely to put constraints on the quality of health available to patients. In responding to these factors, there are several proposed and implemented approaches that have been developed (Chassin, & Loeb, 2013). Due to the natures of these issues, addressing them in one setting may prove to be a difficult task.
This paper therefore, is trying to address some of the critical matters that affect and challenge leaders in a healthcare setting. The paper will also focus on the impacts of these issues on a department and determine how improving communication and collaboration would improve the status of the department.
Issues Faced by Our Organization
It is important to mention that each and every health organization experience challenges in their functions of dispensing health services to the communities (Lubbe, & Roets, 2014). Our organization is also facing significant difficulties in the delivery of healthcare. Two of these challenges include; nurse shortages and poor job satisfaction that have resulted in high turnover rates.
Nursing shortage is on the increase for the past several years. The delivery of care for the hospitalized patients requires a well-coordinated approach that involves several key health professionals. Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Providers, including all the other allied health practitioners are needed in the provision of individualized health care service (Lubbe, & Roets, 2014). The past decade has been a turbulent time for US hospitals and practicing nurses. News media have trumpeted urgent concerns about hospital understaffing and a growing hospital nurse shortage. Nurses nationwide consistently report that hospital nurse staffing levels are inadequate to provide safe and effective care. Physicians agree, citing inadequate nurse staffing as a major impediment to the provision of high-quality hospital care. An insufficient supply of the essential medical personnel has turned out to be a stressor for our department too. These shortages have resulted from several factors such as an increase in demand for nurses, the demographical changes within the RN workforce and the decrease in supply of RN staffs including issues to do with low wages.
At the same time, poor job satisfaction has also been a challenge for our institution as well. Due to unsatisfied nurses, there have been several issues that have cropped up to affect our Department. Nurse job dissatisfaction has resulted in a lack of commitment, delivery of poor quality care to patients, staff absenteeism among the nurses in health care institutions (May, Bazzoll, Gerland, 2010). It is important to note that satisfied nurses are committed to their duties and provides high levels of job performance, that impact the turnover rates of an institution. It is...

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