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Challenging The Process Essay

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The desire, determination, effectiveness, passion, management skills, ability to inspire, and a positive attitude, are all characteristics of a great leader. A leader needs to be able to define tasks, plan, communicate, control, evaluate, motivate, organize and lead by example, while providing guidance, encouraging their team members to challenge the process if they see that something is not going as planned. These characteristics and culture are positioned alongside the motivational dimension, that of a servant leader, one that believes in empowering and developing people; by expressing humbleness, authenticity, interpersonal acceptance, and stewardship; and by providing the ...view middle of the document...

It is tough on both the teacher and the students as there is a fight for the teacher’s attention. In order to prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to function in the workforce these teachers have to sacrifice themselves to ensure that students excel.
Building new schools, redistricting and rezoning, are all options for creating smaller class sizes. While offering incentives for teachers to further their education are great ways to continue to invest in both the student and the teachers. Encouraging and motivating students to learn may not be accomplished with large size classes. Senior leaders such as administrators, and school board officials have been blamed solely for students’ failure and lack of success in the classroom when in fact they should share the blame. Parents, faculty, school officials should all be held accountable for the success or failure of the students.
To augment the issue to too many students per class, my local middle school along with the support of the school board and its administrators reached out the local churches, businesses and non-profits in the area and formed a collaborative effort. This effort saw an increase in programs and afterschool assistance from the community. Our middle school has seen a significant increase in test scores and rising 9th graders.
In her viewpoint conclusion Hernandez (2014) clearly finds a correlation between teachers, schools, and communities and stated that they must participate in advancing students’ activity to achieve academic success and produce good citizens. With the assistance of several non-profits the school was able to break out academic, career focused and physical instruction where teachers had a manageable class size, for academic instructions while the non-profit and business community shared insight with other students on a rotating basis. Our students successfully passed this year’s testing with a huge performance improvement at all grade levels.
Public or Charter
The rise of charter school applications in my county alone has grown over the years, as more and more parents are seeking an alternative to public and private schools. For some, charter schools are the answer over the traditional public schools and for those parents who cannot afford private school, but feel that the public school environment is not a place for their children join the bandwagon and try to start up these types of alternative schools. The debate continues twenty-one years later and we are still challenged here in my county.
Our local public school system has won The Broad Prize two years in a row and has been the recipient of several awards. Yet, supporters of charter schools continuously challenge our local school board to open additional charter schools. The latest application was revoked as the school was not able to show financial sustainability, along with a three year growth projection. The premise behind the successful charter schools in our county...

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