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Challenging Topgrading Concepts Of Maximizing Human Resources And Reduces Cost

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Table of Contents1.0 Introduction: The Talent Age2.0 The Topgrade Concept3.0 Effects of Topgrade to Human Resource4.1 Recruitment and Selection4.2 Training and Development4.3 Performance Appraisal and Feedback4.4 Pay and Benefits4.5 Labor Relations5.0 Effects of Topgrade to Organizations6.0 Effects of Topgrade to Individuals7.0 Effects of Topgrade to National Interest8.0 Conclusions9.0 References1.0Introduction: The Talent Age"The single most important driver of organizational performance and individual managerial success is talent". Topgrade Dr. Bradford D. Smart, 1999.The era of human capital has dawn upon us, surpassing the information age of the nineties. Every company offers products ...view middle of the document...

3.0Effects of Topgrade to Human ResourceHuman Resource Management aims to attract retains and ensures employees perform at high levels to meet organizational goals. Topgrade has a cascading effect on minimizing cost and maximizing Human Resource from which both tangible and intangible benefits and costs are presented.4.1Recruitment and selectionRecruitment involves developing a pool of qualified applicants and through selection processes determines relative qualifications and potential for a vacancy. Organizations plan future and present forecast of human resources to meet strategic needs.CIDS vs. Existing methods of assessmentCIDS provides a comprehensive list of capabilities and desired characteristics of a good hire. Job analysis involves pre-selection of these criteria to the levels befitting of an 'A" player based on assessor's expertise. Once criteria are quantified, candidates are matched and rated based on interview techniques. Existing selection consists of a combination ranging from personal interviews to assessment centers. Conditions can be simulated to test all aspect of candidate's abilities based on psychometric results.Guaranteed resultsCIDS technique guarantees a 90% success rate over existing method for good hires. A realistic job interview practiced by Topgrade reduces mishires over job task congruence, as selection is not based on past information or tests. Maximizing HR efforts comes from direct savings realized from recruitment, mishire, and disruption in the workplace.Flexibility assessment in all job competenciesLine managers no longer need to rely on questionable judgement; criteria are pre-selected and rated before interviews. Flexibility and proper justification for selection maximizes HR resources for good hires.Ambiguous criteria rating leading to mishiresTopgrade claims that no one would be perfect at its CIDS selection; it is not perfect science. Selection can only be good as its assessor. Ambiguity from "creative" assessment could contribute to a larger part of false assessment and risk of mishire cannot be eliminated.Higher recruitment cost getting "A" playersBeing in the elite league, organizations often take several cycles of recruitment exercises to locate a mere handful willing to accept offers. The cost of recruitment would increase.Higher contribution levelsOrganization benefits from capable individuals maximizing HR from efficient hiring towards its strategic goals. Topgrade is deemed as a catalyst that enables organization initiatives to work. The higher levels of contribution from "A" players would replace campaigns (suggestions, innovation week) and realized substancial savings to HR objectives.Loss of creativityExisting recruitment process selects candidates at the 25th percentile range; Topgrade targets at the top 10th percentile range. The cost of hiring talent is the loss of diversity advantage where a wider candidate cast is needed. Foregoing creativity and innovation having chosen the talent edge...

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