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One man, a sketch pad, and a pencil is all that it took to create this wonderful world we all call Disney. Who might this individual be you might ask? One man named Walt Elias Disney. Walt was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. As a child, Walt Disney grew up in Marceline, Missouri. At a young age, he was creating paintings and drawings. At the same time he was creating his own little fantasy world where everything was always happy and jolly, to escape his fathers brutality in that world he was able to control what happened and made sure nothing bad ever happened. Walt went to McKinley High School and the Chicago Arts Institute where he was able to practice and master his drawing and photography skills. At the age of 16 Walt enrolled in the Red Cross and was sent to France during World War 1.
Walt Disney’s career all started when he got a job as a newspaper cartoon artist in Kansas City where he began producing short animated films. Here he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, where he loved animating cartoon characters and bringing drawings to life. Here he met a man named Ubbe Iwerks who would later have a huge effect on his career. Walt then left the newspaper business with Ubbe and started his own animation business. Their first big hit was the Laugh-O-Grams cartoons. Walt created the cartoon of this girl named Alice and her adventures in an animated world, this was called The Alice Comedies. This business only lasted for a short period of time where as Walt’s business soon became bankrupt. Walt wanted to become famous, and he succeed in Kansas City. So Walt, Ubbe, and Roy (Walt’s brother), all moved to Hollywood.
In Hollywood, Walt started the Disney Brothers’ Studios, and created a character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. They found a company that would promote Oswald. That company was Universal Studios. Oswald then became popular and started to make money. Walt then asked for a raise in pay later on and Universal Studios rebelled by stealing the rights to Oswald. However, the loss of Oswald allowed Walt and Ubbe to create ]a character called Mickey Mouse.
At first Mickey Mouse was not popular. But with the addition of sound into the animation, Walt’s Steamboat Willie with Mickey Mouse was one of the best cartoons in the 1900’s. Then, Technicolor came out. When Technicolor came out, Walt obtained and held the patent for two years for this new invention, making him the only one that could make cartoons in color. With the power of Technicolor, Walt created his next big hit, Flowers and Trees, which won him an Oscar.
Not only was Flowers and Trees the one cartoon that won an award, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won 8 Oscars as well. This was the very first full-length animated musical film. Snow White was created to appear 3-Dimensional using a special camera. Snow White produced about $1.5 million dollars, an unheard of amount to make during the Great Depression. Other animated films were also a success,...

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