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Albert Einstein once said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” This quote relates to Lieutenant Jimmy Cross from the short story “The Things They Carried,” by Tim O’Brien and the narrator from “Cathedral,” by Raymond Carver in that they both change. Lieutenant Cross gets distracted by Martha, a girl he is in love with, during the War and one of his man dies. The narrator from Carver’s short story gets jealous about a blind man his wife used to read to and is not happy that they are having him over their house. Even though the narrator is very similar to Lieutenant Cross in that they both have a connection with ...view middle of the document...

The narrator from Carvers story is jealous that his wife is having a blind man over. The wife used to read to this blind man and they kept contact after she stopped working for him. When the blind man was over the husband was not respectful, he would say things that should not be said to blind people. As Carver states: “Which side of the train did you sit on, by the way?” (303). This explains how the narrator is rude and he should not have asked this to Robert because he is blind. Even though the narrator is rude Robert just answers back and makes it seem like it did not offend him. Robert just has hope and wants the main character to see what he sees since he is blind. “It was like nothing else in my life up to now” (311). It seems like the narrator in this short story is alienated or disconnected from the rest of the world, which leads to him changing. For the narrator Robert was played a big role in his life because it made him realize that he needs to connect since they are in an alienated world. Lastly, these two characters are very similar because they learned from their mistakes by an event in their life. They are similar in many ways but also different in other ways.
These two characters are different in many ways. Lieutenant cross is a military man and he is in love with and fantasizes about, a girl that may not want him. She writes back most of the time but in his head he knows that she might be with someone else, but he still wants to think that she is his. On the other hand, the narrator of Carver’s story is a family man. He has a wife but he gets jealous of her when the blind man comes over. This shows how both of them have different life styles and how one of them is getting loved and the other one really isn’t. They are also different in that they both have different emotions throughout the stories. For example, Lieutenant Cross starts off being happy. He fantasizes about Martha and always thinks about the time they went to the movies. He is so obsessed with her that fantasizing about her interferes with his war responsibilities. Throughout the short story O’Brien explains how Lieutenant Cross is always thinking about Martha. He begins being happy and towards the end his emotions change. Lieutenant Cross finally decides to give up on Martha and focus on being a leader for his men. Even though this is a good change for him he gets depressed at the end of the...

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