Change And Influence In Mexican Food

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Mexican food has been very influential in American culture. One can either see authentic restaurants, like a taqueria, or a restaurant that serves a variation of authentic Mexican food, like a Tex-Mex restaurant. Either way, Mexican food has greatly impacted American culture, even through changes in the traditional ways.
One of the greatest influences of Mexican food was the Aztecs in the fourteenth century. Some of the foods they ate are still eaten today and some are even staples of the Mexican diet. Corn, corn tortillas, beans, and avocados are significant to Mexican food. Another major influence was the Spanish conquistadores from the fifteenth to nineteenth century. They brought ...view middle of the document...

They mixed these ingredients with what they already had, making new recipes that contributed to the creation of Tex-Mex and other variations of Mexican food.
Today, there are thousands of different dishes that have been based on the traditional Mexican foods. Tex-Mex is one of the most popular variations of Mexican food. Since the Spanish missions where Tex-Mex was first devised, there were many changes that happened to the traditional food. Many people do not even consider Tex-Mex a Mexican food, but an American regional cuisine. The use of chili, crispy taco shells, and tortilla chips all support the idea that Tex-Mex was not made in Mexico, but the United States. All of those ingredients were invented in the United States, but were inspired by the use of key Mexican ingredients. As time goes by, more and more changes are made to the Tex-Mex dishes, like how the Americans altered the foods that the vaqueros introduced. An example of change is the Dorito; it is just a tortilla chip with different flavorings. More and more changes occurred like the ‘Doritos Locos Tacos’. Changes like this make people question if they are eating “Mexican” food.
Since the Aztec’s original diet, Mexican food has evolved in appearance, taste and presentation. It adapted to the taste of the American people and became more appealing. Because of this, the number of establishments serving Mexican themed food has increased. The economic impact brought about by the success of these restaurants is enormous. Jobs are created, which help lower unemployment. Also, profits by the restaurant owners have a positive effect on the economy.
Mexican food has impacted our culture, economy, and our general life. We realize that Mexico has a giant influence on the United States. Also, Mexican food is not set in stone and will keep on growing and changing. As time passes, we will keep on being inspired by the rich flavors and diverse culture of Mexico

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