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Change And Transition In Life Essay

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According to Witkavitch (2010) life is about change and as human beings we’re always changing, growing, transforming and transitioning our lives. Our whole life is made up of change. It is relative to time and a natural component of our everyday life. Things change, they grow, they develop, they die, and something else shows up. There are many changes that can occur during a person’s lifetime. For instance, we all were once kids who changed into adults. With that said, as we age, dreams change. There will always be something new in life and we can’t expect everything to fall in place as we wish because the future is constantly changing. In the age of globalization, information and communication revolution changes are affecting our lifestyles, our ways of thinking, feelings and the way we act. Life changes everyday for a person in some way. Just like we expect the seasons to change and children to grow older. Some changes are very small and can affect your life in an enormous way. However, other events can be very important and could change your whole life such as getting married, getting arrested, having a baby, and even losing a close friend or relative. The important events that altered my life are coming the United States, playing club soccer, becoming a U.S. citizen, going to graduate school and studying abroad. In this in paper, I will discuss how these phases transformed my life physically and mentally.
Even before arriving to the United States, the fear I felt was not having the familiarity of home (St. Lucia). Moving to the U.S meant that I had to start my life all over again. This time it would be without the unwavering support of my family and friends. Whether I succeeded or failed in school was entirely up to me. It was my challenge, one that I gladly accepted and vowed to thrive in. On this journey, the hardest I encountered was being away from my family. There is a certain comfort in knowing that no matter how difficult your day was you could always come home to a smiling face with encouraging words. Being out in this new country and surrounded by people you barely know made the transition a lot more difficult.
Life is full of challenges, especially for a newcomer from an extremely different culture and background. After spending five months in this country, I firmly believe that moving out here was a beneficial change for me. I started to become more self-aware and out of my comfort zone. I began going to the parks to play soccer where I met my first group of friends who are with me up until this day. We played club soccer together. Traveling to different boroughs in New York City competing in tournaments. As much as we don’t want to change, it should be in our best interest to understand and develop ways to deal with change and transition.
Change often comes with a period of transition, where you get use to a new way of life, a new way of being, new people and situations. Upon graduating from college I decided...

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