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Change Between Siblings Essay

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In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa is portrayed as a regular person. Someone who hates their job but recognizes that his work is necessary because it supports his family. Before Gregor transformed to a dung beetle it seemed that his family cared of him. Due to the main characters transforming to a bug everyone in his family start to dislike him. The Metamorphosis focuses on change, how the change of a character along the story affects the main character Gregor Samsa.
During Gregor’s transformation his family get worried. “Gregor? Aren’t you well? Do you need anything?”(13). Not knowing what’s happening the entire family is worrying about Gregor. They felt something was wrong with Gregor. At one point even his sister came to his door and said “ Gregor, open up, I beg you”(13). She begs Gregor to open the door but he refuses. Right after his transformation became revealed his parents become scared of this “thing” Gregor had become.
Later in the book, it feels that Gregor’s father and mother eventually lose contact with him. Grete the only character in the book, who is another character his sister named, is the only person who keeps contact with Gregor for quite some time. Along the story she becomes Gregor’s caretaker. With her kindness she brings food and feeds him. “Each time [Grete] had finished cleaning up the room”(31.) She cleans his room and adds a chair so Gregor can see through the window. Grete also removes furniture from his room, so he would have more room to crawl around. It says “If Gregor had only been able to speak with his sister and thank her for all she had to do for him”(31.) He wants to thank his sister but there is no way for him to express it towards her. But wishes he can so his sister can feel the love Gregor has.
Even though Gregor suffers, his sister always tries to soften the pain away. She would continue trying, time goes by she successfully makes Gregor feel better.
“About one month had already gone by since Gregor’s transformation, and there was now no particular reason any more for his sister to be startled at...

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