Change From Davenport College To Davenport Univ.

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With Davenport University being an independent, degree-granting, school of business, they have been criticized for quite some time about their style of education. Davenport was ahead of their time in the vocational education department and always has been. When Davenport College made the change to Davenport University in the year 2000, change was perceived as a good thing. The school was steady with new enrollments and the "average student" was no longer average. People were enrolling straight out of high-school, and some enrolled after being out of school for many years. The fact that the Lansing location was going to be offering more classes than just business classes was a key change that helped to benefit the organization by expanding their target market. This change brought in new students that wanted to better their education, but not solely in the business field. By offering technology, health, and various other courses on top of the accounting, management and marketing courses already available, Davenport University became more appealing to the public's eye. Davenport University now offers degrees in three fields: business, technology, and health professions.Finding information about how the public perceived the change within Davenport University was a dead-end road. Because Davenport University is a private institution, there is no information about the public's stance on the transformation that the organization underwent. Being a student at Davenport University, and being here before and after the modification, I can say from experience that I have always looked at Davenport University as a community-oriented institution. Davenport allows students to "make a life" by teaching them how to "make a living". Davenport University prides themselves in employing professors and instructors that work in the fields that they educate in. Davenport University prepares the student for a career, not just a job. With the Lansing location being such a compact place, the class sizes are smaller and the students are able to have more of a one-on-one with the instructors, they have a better chance at getting to know other students, and the pressure of "college" is lessoned.Another advantage that came with the institutions transformation was the opportunity to obtain a Master's degree in the field that was being studied. Before Davenport became a University, the...

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