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Change In Amsterdam Essay

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There are no certainties in life, change is the only constant. Clive and Vernon realized this before and after Molly’s death. Her “funeral” brought them together with quite a few of her lovers. The “funeral” made the two hate her lovers even more, two of which would be George Lane and Julian Garmony. “The dark humor of the opening scene at the crematorium is played out like conventional sex-farce with the complaisant husband contending with the presence of at least three of his dead wife’s lovers. For this reason he has ruled out a memorial service” (Ingersoll, 126-127). Clive and Vernon also hated the fact the vibrant Molly went into a declining mental state until she died. Both of them wished they would have helped her by assisted suicide. In her book Ian McEwan, Lynn Wells explains that, “…characters engaged in tightly formed relationships that lead to intense dramatic action and climatic endings.” As the story continues, Clive and Vernon try to further their careers or try to make themselves look better by doing questionable things. Clive ignores a woman about to be raped, and Vernon publishes pictures of Julian Garmony even after Garmony’s wife held a press release to let the public know of them. Vernon still published the pictures to try to make Garmony look bad, in the end it came back to bite him. Both of them changed greatly from how they were at Molly’s funeral, they even got to the point where they wanted to kill each other. Generally change is required to survive in the ever changing society, but in their case it killed them.
Why would best friends turn against each other like that? Clive didn’t understand why Vernon was so upset with him for ignoring the woman. Clive thought that his work was so important, so he “puts his own artistic success above human life” (Wells, 84). Vernon was so upset with Clive he decides to let the police know that Clive saw something. Clive had to go down to the police station near where this incident happened and he wasn’t happy “having cursed Vernon every mile from the way from Euston” (McEwan, 164). The police “were only too happy” “to have his assistance with this particular crime” (McEwan, 164). Vernon lost his job after publishing the Garmony pictures, and he wasn’t happy with Frank Dibben, his successor. Vernon thinks to himself, “He was at home when he should have been in an office. He knew only one profession, and no one would employ him in it now. He was in disgrace, and he was too old to restrain” (McEwan, 160). For some reason, both of them hate each other for their own mistakes, they both are placing blame on the other. “How much easier it is to demonize our neighbor than to see the darkness within ourselves” (Hollis, 155).
“The two friends write a “suicide pact,” …the two don’t plan to end their own lives at the same time, but to serve as each other’s “true friend” to whose helpless suffering the merciful survivor might be unable to bear witness” (Ingersoll, 126). At the time it seemed like a...

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