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Change In Australian Labour Market: Increasing Work Opportunity To Women

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Change in Australian Labour Market: Increasing Work Opportunity to WomenIntroduction:In past 70 years in Australia, males had dominated in workplace and females were regarded as housewives mainly. No matters from the aspect of salaries, position and welfare, women have been in a slightly potential status. However, with the development of economy, a policy turning point, change of the attitude of women and the improvement of women's status, Australian workforce structures in modern society have an unexpected transformation. This paper will establish argument that the male breadwinner model is not dominating labour market in Australia because of increasing work opportunity to women. It will also present the evaluate evidence to support or object to the argument.Present Argument:"The male breadwinner model has been defined as existing when a man is the only, or the primary, breadwinner in couple family."(Broomhill R. & Sharp R 2005). Although from 1940s to 1970s, especially in 1950s, male breadwinner model have been occupying the leading status, but it still appeared the significant increase during the 1950s and 1960s in female's employment. Women's labour market participation rates in Australia have been increased while the men's labour are declining between 1981 and at present. On the other hand, in the past time, the government introduced policies in order to guarantee male workers. According to the above content, this is the conflict between male and female's workforce. The further exploration to whether the male breadwinner model is still dominating labour market in Australia is needed.Support Argument:Although in the past time, the male breadwinner model have dominated, the workforce structure has been changed, resulting from the development of economy, a policy turning point, change of the attitude of women and the improvement of women's status. There is a remarkable change during the 1950s and 1960s. "Women were increasingly drawn into the labour market. This was mainly due to the increasing demand for labour resulting from the extended economic growth that accompanied post war capitalist development in Australia." (Broomhill R. & Sharp R 2005) Australia will make women's retirement age from 60 years old up to the age of 65; take the method that to extent six months working life every 2 years. Therefore, there is an increase dramatically in women total working hour. Based on the data, "The contribution to total hours worked by people of working age in the Australian economy by mature aged women (women aged 45 to 64 years) has more than doubled over the past two decades from 6 per cent in 1989 to 15 per cent of total hours in 2009." (Labour Force Participation Women Over, n.d.). The improvement of social status in female is tremendous helpfully for the change in workforce structure. Females have more opportunity to take in higher education, which make them get ability competing with male. For example, Australia's first female prime...

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