Change In Education System: The Change To Our Future

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Last but not least, student feel really stress out due to all the expectation that put in their shoulder. The society portray a model of their ideal student, like what they did for body image and gender role, an all-know living dictionary who can answer any of you problem and always land first on competitions they attends, go to Harvard and make friends with other rich but smart kids, finally become a some-what CEOs that have billions dollar business. This is what people dream of, a healthy and smart brain, which in real life may be replace by many dull and tired one. Ideal is an ideal, different people have different brain ability and since, need different methods of study. While we force ...view middle of the document...

Students also believe that high achievement in academic associate with high life satisfaction also competition among peers, these are some of the reasons that may cause depression among academic one, self-expectation along with competition, parents and teachers put stress upon students, 31% student said that they were worried that they would be less productive if they were less stress (Feld 76). This process produce student that smart enough to follow instruction but stupid enough to think they are better than another, purely base on academic performance. Also this is unhealthy mental problem when they either arrogant or really low self-esteem which can lead to bipolar, OTD, PTSD also other consequences, you read news about how a doctors become murderer or engineer students cause massacre, this is how bad the result can be. How can a good society create by these kind of people, somehow in the future, they probably force their children do the same thing, go through the same path that they had been through and thus, a new dull and stressful generation being born. This closed cycle will never end until we find a solution.
In conclusion, school stress is unnecessary and unimportant, I acknowledge that moderate stress can motivate you in many area, however, it not always a good thing when you are always in a cautious and suspicious mind....

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