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Change In Energy Essay

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Life revolves around energy, mankind has been able to harness energy as far back as society has dated our history. Early humans used fire to cook food, later wood to fuel furnaces, and then gasoline to fuel their cars. As society developed, governments sought a solution to provide energy for their citizens, in conclusion coal was a great candidate. The coal age began in 19th century, the oil era started in 20th century, and finally nuclear power within the last half century. During this period more and more studies have began to show terrible outcomes with the use of these energies. Therefore renewable energy, energy that is recyclable, became more desirable.Though alternatives to traditional energies are expensive, society needs to stop using traditional energies because they are destroying the world and alternate energies use natural sources that do not harm the environment.
The worlds need for energy has grown exponentially since the coal age, however the world’s sources of energy have not. "The total world energy demand is for about 400 quadrillion British Thermal Units" or about 1.1722842778e+15 kilowatts, however it wasn’t this much not long ago (McLamb). In 1957, the last year according to Energy Information Agency (EIA) coal production produced more energy than petroleum, the U.S only used 30.9 quadrillion BTUs in on year, more recently in 2005 the U.S used 98.8 BTUs in one year (Renewable). The drastic increase in energy usages developed with the technological industries growth, therefore more production of energy done. Oil consumption is unsustainable, with production levels expected to grow to to 9.3 million bb/d by 2015, which would mean “The 2015 forecast would mark the highest annual average level of production since 1972" (Renewable). With extremely high consumption rates new deposits have been found, however the earliest deposit of oil dates back to five hundred million years ago (McLamb). Theses demands for energy are unhealthy for the planet, and according to NASA’s recent studies on climate change they have found that temperatures will increase by 1 to 3.6 degrees within 50 years (National). Although the coal age was in the 1800’s, when coal was the largest producers of energy, it still produces twice the amount now than it did in the 1800’s. There is a finite of coal and according to EIA, stating that “coal reserves would be exhausted in about 194 years” if we continue consuming the present amount in the U.S (Renewable). However this is not the case, coal productions have been expected to increase by two hundred percent by the year 2040, from about one hundred quadrillion Btu to two hundred quadrillion Btu’s (Koronowski). As a result the worlds energy needs will continue to grow, therefore other sources of energy are researched and used.
In the Events ending World War II nuclear power was studied to create energy, which can be as dangerous as on August 6, 1945, when a plane dropped the largest destructive bomb over Japan,...

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