Change In Leadership And Strategy Essay

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Change being a constant in today’s dynamic business environment makes it imperative that change drivers have the required skills to keep businesses in steam for continuous growth and success. Change agents are seen in different organizations as managers or leaders. While managers deliver predictable results as promised as well as occasional incremental improvements (promoting stability), leaders bring forth breakthroughs in performance (pressing for change). This is where strategy becomes the wheel driven by a leader (change agent).
Pasmore W. (2009) in his article, defined leadership as a culture defined by the collective actions and skills of formal and informal leaders, working together to influence organizational success. Firstly, every eye must be on the same ball and there must be collective actions towards getting that that same ball (achieving the same goals). Though leadership has been attributed to traits and qualities of individuals, the complexity of driving strategic objectives cannot rest on the capabilities or will of one person. A group of people make up the leadership of any organization and as the number of strategic dimensions and corresponding initiatives increase, so does the pressure on leadership (Abell D.F, 2006).
The future of strategy is leadership
I have come to understand Pasmore’s statement (2009) in this light, organizations constantly come up with different strategies on how to grow their business and beat competition, and these strategies must be driven by the leaders of these organizations, this makes it imperative for the right leadership to be in place and more leaders with the right leadership culture, quality, skills and behaviours should be selected when newer and different strategies come up and are to be implemented for successful business results. If a business fails to assess its leadership capacity in a systematic approach before bringing up new strategies, it might leave the business scrambling to fill leadership gaps at the twelfth hour and this sure has consequences on the business. In essence,...

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