Change In Values And Perspectives Essay

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Adversity can present itself in a wide range of severities, and it can have drastic effects on an individual. A man is insensible to appreciate prosperity until he has gone through some kind of adversity. Hardships and adversity develop and shape a person’s identity and also plays a big role in shaping one’s personal values. John Locke, a famous philosopher, once said that “Let us suppose the mind to be, white paper void of all characters, without any ideas. How comes it be furnished? To this I answer, in one word, from experience”. The quote says that humans are born like clean slates and adversity plays a major role in shaping people. In the modern play A Streetcar Named Desire, the ...view middle of the document...

She also needed men to protect her self-confidence. In order to relive her young love with Allen, who she got married to when she was sixteen, Blanch has sexual relationships with her seventeen year old student, which resulted in her losing her job. Arriving at the home of her sister and brother in law, Blanche tries to run away from her adversities. This is shown by her constant bathing and trying to cleanse herself from her past. While at Elysian Fields she is a victim of cruelty at the hands of Stanley Kowalski. He rapes Blanche as a result she is unable to reclaim her purity that she was attempting to salvage since she arrived at Elysian Fields/ After going through all these adversities, Blanche suffers a huge loss of identity, as she lives in her world of imagination and fantasy as her refuge. She is left unrecognizable to Stella as she has forsaken her identity.
Raised in an environment which was filled with misconceptions, Stanley Kowalski’s Polish ethnicity and the income of his household held him back in life. Polish immigrants during that time were seen in a negative lighting for being unintelligent and lazy; they were called Pollacks as a discriminative term. He grew up having to fight the stereotype and developing a tough skin towards the world in order to survive. He his values his pride and desire to win above everything. This is shown in his possessions, particularly his wife. He despises Blanche because: She threatened his friendship with Mitch, intruded on his privacy at his home and damaged his pride by calling him a Pollock, ape and other names. She also tried to empower his wife and caused tensions in his marriage. As a result, Stanley felt like had no choice but to break...

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