Change Initiative In Law Enforcement Organization

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Change Initiative in Law Enforcement Organization

Change initiatives are time intensive and exorbitant, which portentously influence an organization’s push toward success. And almost fifty percent of these initiatives are unsuccessful. Given that the certainty of change is inevitable, organizations will be required to determine how to effectively acclimate and endure change. Each tactical change in plans organizations are produced via programs and developments, and thriving organizations manage change by managing their developments and programs effectively.
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Hence it is important that an integral and all-inclusive tactic be adopted to better comprehend and elucidate the procedures of change in law enforcement organizations.
Law Enforcement Change Initiative from the perceptiveness of the leader and the follower.
One of the major issues that have impacted change in organizations in this modern society is the amalgamation of information technologies, which compels vigorous organizational structures as well as employee participation (Muraskin, & Roberts, 2009). Another, issue that have impacted change in law enforcement is community based policing. With budget restraint in governmental organization, they need to restructure vital resources to support new technical proficiencies and superiority workplaces (Muraskin, & Roberts, 2009).
Leaders in law enforcement tend to view change initiative as a mean to improve operational duties, inadequacies, incorporate new technological systems, and remove disparities in management communications, which impede performance (Peak & Glensor, 2010). Therefore, leaders in law enforcement tend to be practical change agents. Leaders in law enforcement normally will take the initiative to set both the strategy and the atmosphere of the organization. In other words leaders in law enforcement willing participant in the change process, and will help in effecting change that is constructive and enduring (Peak & Glensor, 2010).
On the other hand, followers in a law enforcement agency tend to resistance change. Officers having to adapt to a new setting or processes tend to feel anxiety or other types of psychosomatic discomposure. Mostly of the time in a law enforcement organization where the staff is complacent with the status quo, they will resist change because they are ambiguous about the purpose, process, or outcomes of an intended resulting from a lack of inadequate or misunderstanding in communication (Peak & Glensor, 2010).
The successes and failures experienced during the change process
According to Jones (2009) change in the manner that policing occur have challenge the traditional style policing organization to convert to a philosophically focused instead of operationally focused. The philosophical dimension of policing is the based on the manner which community should be policed. In contrast, strategic dimension involves the major operational concepts based on the organization philosophy without community concerns (Jones, 2009).
The change initiative of Community policing promoted the deviation from the constrict emphasis on law...

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