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At first glance, The Death of Ivan Ilych and Wit seem to be polar opposites. They have little in common except a dying main character and a lack of people that truly care about them. However, they share a similar theme that teaches us a valuable lesson: life still matters, even in the last seconds. This is demonstrated by both Ivan and Vivian, the two main characters when they both undergo dramatic and enlightening transformations at the end of their lives. These characters come to realize that what you do in your final moments truly matter and are not for nothing, as they show a change in your thinking and who you are as a person.
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It shows us that regardless of when the change happened, a change in your life is never too late and always matters.
Ivan Ilych lived his life on the principle that he should make everything as easy, pleasant, and decorous as possible (Tolstoy 9). Because of his philosophy, he married a woman he did not love, took a job he did not care for, and generally tried to distance himself emotionally from anything and everything in his life. One day he becomes mysteriously ill (Tolstoy 15). This illness eats away at him over a long period of time and he begins to hate everyone around him for their lack of genuine compassion. This illness becomes crippling and he spends his days at home, usually accompanied by only his thoughts. He begins to think of the lack of happiness in his life and dares think that he may have lived his life wrong (Tolstoy 30). On the last day of his life, when his youngest son kisses his hand, he realizes that his life has been a failure (Tolstoy 34). However, he also realized that he can still change and redeem it (Tolstoy 34). His hatred melts away and is replaced by sadness at the conclusion that he has made his family suffer immensely. Ivan understands that the...

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