"Change Isn't Always Easy." Discuss The Impact Of Change In The Texts You Have Studied.

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The impact of change in the film “Billy Elliot” directed by Steven Daldry, the novel “Saving Francesca” by Melina Marchetta and the poem “Out, out” by Robert Frost, presents us with the view that “Change isn’t always easy”. We learn that it is by overcoming the adversity that change brings to us that we develop in character. In the case of the poem, we learn that the impact of change can be immense and sometimes we cannot do anything about it. In the film Billy Elliot, Billy has to handle the impact of his mother’s death, his father and brother’s strike due to Thatcherism, and a the rejection of his newfound interest in Ballet. Billy develops through handling the adversity that change has brought about. In Saving Francesca, Francesca suffers from the hardship of a new school, which is dominated by males, the need to make new friends because her old ones have gone to a different school and worst of all the loss of support from her mother to depression. Francesca discovers her own powerful identity through the powerful impact of change. In the poem “Out, out” Robert Frost shows us, the immensity of the impact that change can have and how quickly and suddenly it can occur. Together these texts teach us about the size of the impact that change can have how change can force us to mature and how quickly change can occur.The impact of the change in “Out, out” by Robert Frost is immense and sudden and we learn that sometimes you cannot do anything about it. Frost used allusion to name the poem after the famous soliloquy of MacBeth where he compares life to a candle and says “Out out brief candle” which symbolises the boy’s life and how suddenly he died. Frost shows us that the impact of change can be so powerful as to kill the boy, while being so sudden that the boy himself does not realise the threat to his life and only fears that his “…hand…” will be “…cut off”. Another point that Frost makes is that change can occur anywhere even out of the normal and beautiful. The “mountain ranges” are described to be “sweet scented” and beautiful, which Frost contrasts to the death of the boy. Frost presents the boy working with a saw as being quite normal, and then Frost creates a monster out of it by using personification and onomatopoeia by saying the saw “snarled” and “rattled”. At the conclusion of the poem everyone “turned to their affairs”, which Frost has said to say that sometimes you can’t do anything about change but try to get on with your life. The impact of change is shown by Robert Frost to be immense, fast and sudden.The impact of change on Billy Elliot’s life is that his mother has died, his father and brother are on strike due to Thatcherism and he has a newfound interest in ballet, which no one accepts. The death of his mother results in Billy’s family life...

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