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Change Management A Manager's Guide To Implementing Lasting Change.

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Change Management-A Manager's Guide to Implementing Lasting ChangeHave you ever wondered how to effectively handle change? If you are reading this guide, then you have answered yes. This guide will offer suggestions of Change Management for effective leaders. This handy tool will outline problems and common practices when dealing with change and provide a step-by-step guide to assist in paving the way to implementing lasting change.This guide focuses on four facets of change:Introducing ChangeMotivating ChangeHandling Resistance to ChangeImplementing Lasting ChangeIntroducing ChangeChange can be radical or implemental, as explained by Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn (p.59), regardless, the success lies in the hands of the individuals or group who are responsible for introducing the change and supporting it to the end. When managers prepare a situation for change, it involves helping their people see the need for change by changing attitudes and creating a need for something new. Managers are always on the lookout for change and therefore recognize the need when change arrives which allows them to act quickly. When faced with the situation of announcing a new change, following these steps for introduction change:Always be on the lookout for changeCommunicate change openly and positivelyEmpower your employeesAct Quickly/Take ActionMotivating ChangeFirst managers need to understand what motivation is and then how to us it. Employees need to feel it. To motivate is to incite, inspire, and stimulate. Motivation is to provide with incentive and move to action (American Heritage Dictionary Third Edition). Once a manager values what motivating is, then they need to be able to enthusiastically provide employees with the inspiration to be motivated.You will need to empower your people. "Empowerment without motivation is like a car without an engine--nice to have but it does not go anywhere" (Guy Browning, 2003 EBSCO host). As a leader or manager you must be personally motivated. If they lack enthusiasm and commitment, then it will carry over to their employees. After all, if you do not want to do something, why should anyone else? American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, developed a five-level hierarchy of needs, or motives, that influence human behavior. The "lower" physiological and biological urges at the bottom of the hierarchy must be at least partially satisfied before people will be motivated by those urges closer to the top. The levels in Maslow's system are as follows:Biological (food, water, oxygen, sleep)SafetyBelongingness and love (participating in affectionate sexual and non-sexual relationships, belonging to social groups)Esteem (being respected as an individual)Self-actualization (becoming all that one is capable of being (Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology).Different factors motivate people and money is rarely the sole motivator. People are motivated by others who respect them, people who listen to them, things that involve learning, and most...

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