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Change Management Plan Essay

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IntroductionAccomplishing organizational change is one of the greatest challenges for business leaders in the twenty-first century. Building a successful organization takes time, effort, and perseverance. Once an organization obtains success, maintaining the success becomes a motivating force. This can prove to be an even greater challenge than building the business from scratch due to organizational structures and cultures which have been entrenched over the years.According to the employee satisfaction survey presented, the sales and delivery and marketing teams within CrysTel both have communication and leadership issues which are impacting the overall company performance. To effect change and improve performance, senior management must initiate activities to help these departments change the weaknesses into strengths. "Successful organizational change requires management commitment, an implementation plan, and buy-in from all employees" (Kreitner & Kinicki). These changes include empowering team members to make decisions, appointing mentors, encouraging constant communication and creating a conflict resolution system to address team dynamics.Implications of changeUnderstanding the potential implications of change within an organization is integral to managing any change initiative. Bringing about meaningful change in any organization requires a conscientious effort on the part of all responsible parties. Without question, the greatest obstacle to change is the status quo. Organizations, like the people within them, are resistant to change; dealing with and managing this resistance is the key to successfully implementing the change initiative. Any time a change is promoted within a company and individuals are "transferred, promoted, or reassigned, cultural and group dynamics are thrown into disequilibrium" (Kreitner & Kinicki). These unintended cultural shifts within the organization should be used to strengthen the individual commitment to change.The most important strategy for CrysTel to implement in managing resistance to change is to reduce and remove any restraining forces. Communicating change involves selling the benefits of the initiative to the individuals within the organization. In an article titled "Managing resistance to change," Philip Atkinson addressed handling objections through persuasive communication:Selecting a model for changeCrysTel Communications is presented with the task of implementing change within the company to optimize participation, promote innovation, and improve communication within and between their operating divisions. The company has several departments which are operating efficiently - technology development, technology operations, and human resources - but the sales and delivery and marketing divisions face logistical and internal challenges which could negatively impact the overall organization. Many of the issues facing these departments center on empowerment and communication issues.The most...

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