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This presentation’s theme is a simulation involving a fictional organization in an industry of interest, which is engaging a consulting company with expertise in the analysis of corporate management. The analysis includes evaluating the client’s management practices and providing recommendations on potential change management techniques, which may improve the processes the company employs when transitioning to a new technology. Goal of change management process is the improvement of an implementation tempered by bottom-line realities. The agenda for the presentation includes the problem statement, the engagement scope, company’s change management history, discussion of change management techniques, the proposed solution recommendation, and the conclusion.
Problem statement
Jones production center (JPC) provides the latest, up-to-date visual and audio technology and trained creative staff to produce the creative, unique productions for demanding television and film clients. The secluded, nondescript, JTPC facility is in the countryside outside of San Rafael, California. This location is quiet, with a lack of diversions, and is highly secure. The sales process involves proposing new services to demanding clients beyond the capabilities of the facility. This result is the rapid change modification of technical facilities at the last moment. The short integration process is fraught with issues compounded by poorly integrated operations. These issues include imprecise system installation, a lack of staff training, limited operations support, and improper billing system integration. The issue indications are reduced financial returns from the technology investments are not achieving planned metrics; creative staff billing time is not achieving utilization goals, and clients are voicing complaints about production duration and system downtime.
Engagement scope
JPC is engaging Smith Consulting to perform: a root-cause analysis of the issues, provide a report of the findings, determine potential solutions to the findings, a solution implementation approach, monitor the organization’s performance, recommend incremental changes to achieve the corporate goals. This scope includes exploring the design and integration process, use of the project and change management, and recommendations for additional organizational changes. The range of areas to investigate includes human resources, engineering, operations, and organizational leadership.
Company’s change management history
The company over the last 10 years has implemented various projects to provide the unique systems required for a specific client. The lead-time between a client awarding a project and the time the project commences is typically less than ten days. With the lead-time to purchase and install the equipment and software, the operators typically only have a couple of days to learn the product, and unless the product is an update to a product currently in use, developing expertise does not...

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