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Change Of Beliefs And Ideas Through Experience

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There are many ideas and beliefs you are taught as a child. These ideas and beliefs are meant to keep you on the right path in your life and give you a place to belong in the society. I was taught a lot of wrong ideas and given a lot of wrong beliefs while growing up in a middle class family in India. I was not from a rich family and the education I received was only meant to keep me oppressed and in control of the rich higher class people. When I moved to United States I found out the truth behind my education in India. Then I went on to gain knowledge that helped me decide which of the beliefs were right and which were my own. Whatever things I was taught as a child were not all correct. I ...view middle of the document...

So, my physical education teacher was allowed to use violence as a technique to correct a behavior he did not seem as correct. I was once fifteen minutes late to school, because of traffic. When I reached school my physical education teacher was at the front door scolding a girl from my class for being late. When he saw me, he did not say a word just took out his wooden stick he always carries and hit me five times on the back of my thigh and ordered me to run ten rounds of the playground. While running, it was during the sixth round when I was about to give up. He then came to me and hit me again and said you need to be on time and added two more rounds to my punishment. Before returning to his chair from where he was enjoying watching me run he said that “When I hit you do not screen, you are a man, act like it”. This sentence of his forced me to think that a male is not supposed to feel pain. Also, when I went back to class, I saw that the girl that was late along with me was not punished at all but only scolded. At that time I thought she had an advantage being a girl but now I understand what it truly meant. As a girl, she was not deemed equal as me to receive punishment, instead she was taught that it was ok to have someone (a male) shout at you. At that time I took this concept of not feeling pain as something that made total sense. But now after receiving knowledge I understand that this is a flawed concept.
People don’t always say what they mean; they might be lying to make you feel good. They would tell children that they could accomplish anything they want and be who they want to be but in reality they do not expect them to actually go forward and do something of importance. After a while even students realize that what teachers say, they do not mean it. In Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average” he writes that “My folks would say that they wanted me to go to college and be a doctor, but I don’t know how seriously I ever took that; it seemed a sweet thing to say, a bit of supportive family chatter, like telling a gangly daughter she’s graceful” (166). Rose’s family might be telling him that he could become a doctor, to make him sincere about studies, but they don’t actually expect him to make this dream come true and he himself knows that fact. Everyone should be careful about judging and trusting individuals. It is unto them to decide who to believe in and what to believe in. They are the ones who hold the keys to their success in life. In my high school, there was a rule that after each mid-term exam the students with same grades were put into the same class. The classes were divided into sections which were named A, B, C and D. If a student from 11th grade got a C on his midterm exam he would be put into 11th C. Every section had different teachers. The schools reasoning behind this was that a student with lower grade needs more time with each chapter, and the teachers would teach them accordingly to get to the same level as the...

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