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At first the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade were different from each other. It can later be seen that both attitudes not only changed, but also became similar to each other. This change in attitudes mostly transpired in the time period, from about the first century to the fourteenth.The differences in the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade can be seen in what was stated in the Bible at about 70-80C.E. and in the Qur?an at about 620-650C.E. It is written in the Bible that, ?It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.? The Qur?an states that, ?the honest, truthful Muslim merchant will take rank with the martyrs of the faith.? According to the Bible, a man must devote his life to serving God, not acquiring riches, therefore a true Christian cannot be a merchant. The Qur?an does not restrict Muslims from becoming merchants, instead it encourages them to become honest and truthful merchants.The story of St. Godric that was written in 1170 C.E. shows that the attitude of Christianity had begun to change. Godric was a successful merchant who latter devoted himself to serving God. Godric showed that a man could serve God better by using his acquired fortune to do God?s service. The change of attitude can be seen since Godric became St. Godric.At around the thirteenth century, it can be seen that the Christian attitude became very similar...

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