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As I grew up inside of a diminutive valley concealed deep within the mountains of scenic Colorado, nature slowly became synonymous with my daily life. It was as if I was living inside of a National Geographic documentary. In retrospect, waking up listening to birds chirping, driving carefully to avoid deer and foxes on the way to and from school and drifting asleep listening to coyotes howling and insects chirping, I have come to comprehend that this unique and irreplaceable upbringing allowed me to experience situations that others rarely, if ever, are fortunate enough to encounter. In my opinion, those who have not undergone the adrenaline rush from faintly discerning what sounds to be a massive, muscular bear on it’s way to open the front of your tent, have not truly experienced life. The most repulsive of horror movies simply cannot compare to such primeval fear. Despite the fact that it is often a fearsome yet miniscule squirrel making the noise, events such as that are what make nature truly special.
Nature remains, and always will remain, wild. There are simply no other words to describe it. Once you leave the trappings of modern-day society behind, you are thrown into an environment in which you have little to no control. Although this may seem frightening to some, once the realization that there is nothing you can do hits you, a sense of calm and relaxation soon follows. Yet even while on excursions into the most secluded regions of my peaceful valley, traces of mankind’s footprint can be easily observed. Even diminutive amounts of refuse appear to lessen the uniqueness that makes the most rudimentary sections of nature extraordinary. This same issue has lately been spreading throughout the world. Few particularly preserved places remain mostly unchanged, such as Antarctica (for obvious reasons). Unfortunately, humans have affected the majority of land in frequently destructive and damaging behaviors, and innovative strategies are required in order to positively impact nature.
Current tactics towards attempting to bring about environmental awareness are obsolete. When people hear others promoting “environmental change,” they often respond negatively when they are notified that the responsibility for the imminent destruction of the Earth is on their shoulders. People generally tend to shy away from investigating to understand more after this point. Who wouldn’t? One, it sounds like they are to blame; two, changing the entire world just takes too much effort; and three, it is hard to base a plan of action upon that broad of a topic. At that point, the vast majority will turn around and leave. Not only are such environmentalists failing to get their point across to the person they are talking to, but they are also causing the person they are preaching at to remember that negative experience whenever the word environment is uttered. All that they need to clarify is that if each individual commits to making miniscule alterations in his of...

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Change of Perspective Essay

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Change Of Perspective Essay

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