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Change Of Perspective Essay

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When people hear the word sustainable, most will instantly connect this with the “green” movement or being environmentally responsible. I have instead twisted the definition. To me, something that is sustainable is something that has the ability to endure anything that it goes through. Following this definition, what has consistently sustained me through my life has been my family. My family have not only supported me in whatever I am passionate about, but even now - with many miles in between us - their impact is clearly evident in my everyday activities. They have been a constant source of love and happiness in my life, and without them to give my life purpose even the simplest of tasks would be much more difficult to complete with dedication. With their support and love, no hardship is unbearable, whether it is attempting to stay positive during a lengthy trip, fighting through the pain and negativity that comes along with any major injury, attempting to be successful in business or even simply trying to pass the time while waiting in line at Disneyland. Without my family, I would be nothing.
This past summer, my family and I went on a three-week adventure that took us to both Thailand and China. Little did we know that this trip would require us to constantly lean on each other for support in a foreign land. On one particular day in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand - with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees with 100% humidity – we saw over 20 identical looking golden-clad temples, so, of course, one more couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong. Not only did the 100-foot-long golden Buddha that was the talk of the town fail to impress my family and me, but it also did little to distract from the intense and suffocating heat. Sweat slowly slipped down almost every crevice of my body, and even after drinking what seemed to be several gallons of water, dehydration began to set in. Looking back, I can remember that at that point I felt that just surviving such an ordeal would be something to be marveled at. Although I was close to passing out, my family was finally able to lead me back to the hotel despite the confusion that I was feeling. Even without truly knowing where I was, I was confident enough in my family to quite literally put my life in their hands, and they did not fail me in my time of need. Later that night, as we regrouped back in the cool, air-conditioned confines of the hotel, I took a moment to look back upon what this close-knit group actually meant to me. What I found in those few moments of introspection continues to amaze me to this day.
One example that came to mind during this meditation was of a time in my life, during my freshman and sophomore year, when I required an extra amount of motivation to recover both mentally and physically. After finally achieving a growth spurt and working out regularly in order to prepare myself for the upcoming basketball season, something that I had not foreseen derailed the events that I...

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Change of Perspective Essay

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