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Change Over Time Mediterranean Political Institutions From The Beginning To The End Of The Classical Period

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Mediterranean political institutions in places such as Greek and Roman, or otherwise known as Greco-Roman, empires changed greatly from the beginning to the end of the classical period. City-states were a part of Greece while Rome was a republic, but people in both Greece and Rome actively participated in politics. Both Greece and Rome stressed aristocratic rule. Later on, Rome added emphasis on law, and many people that weren’t from Rome were granted Roman citizenship. Importance was placed on military forces. It wasn’t until the fall of Rome that the greatness of Mediterranean political institutions collapsed.
Greece had a variety of political institutions. Some places were democracies. Greece was mostly comprised of city-states in which the citizens actively participated in the military, had political interest, and responsibility. Major decisions in city-states were made by general assemblies that citizens could participate in. In the Mediterranean world though, the most widely preferred form of government was the aristocracy. Parts of Greece, such as Sparta, were governed by an aristocracy. Sparta had a singularly militaristic aristocracy. Many Greeks believed that real political virtue lay within aristocrats.
Rome began as a republic. It started trying to incorporate Greek political values such as the principle of the aristocracy. Roman citizens would gather in aristocratic assemblies periodically to elect representatives for the common people. The Senate was comprised mostly of aristocrats, and the Senate held most of the executive offices in Rome. In times of crisis, Senate could appoint a dictator to hold emergency authority. In the Roman Senate, in aristocratic assemblies, more people were capable of eloquent public speaking and arguments identifying the general good. Later on, Rome added law codes that were strictly enforced throughout. Also,...

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