Change, The Essence Of Human C Ondition

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Change, the Essence of Human Condition

Throughout the existence of man, a desire for change has been ever present. The proof for emotional transition is reflected through creative mediums such as prose. To answer such a question, “Is change possible”, the analysis of an exampled work would serve helpful. To fully understand if change is indeed plausible, the examination of how a common person would attempt such a task is necessary.
When dissecting the meaning of change, it is to “give a different position, course, or direction.” (Webster’s Dictionary). In reference to this phenomenon on a global scale, the winds of change have commonly been used. The speaker in the poem begins his quest ...view middle of the document...

The question at hand is whether or not change is possible in society, in the family, and in the individual. The answer to this question ultimately lies in the opinion of the individual to whom the question is presented; the perception of change is entirely subjective. But the simple truth about change is this; it’s inevitable. To ask the question “is change possible” underscores a lack of understanding of life itself. Life is change, perpetual change. To believe otherwise is fallacy. The thing is, often changes go unnoticed or are disregarded because the transformations have become banal and are considered insignificant; but as one moves through the different stages of life, one comes to understand that change is very much the essence of human condition. Change is all around, just because it does not always occur on a massive level doesn’t mean that it is nonexistent.
Because change is ever present, perhaps a better question to ask would be “can change be controlled?” The answer to this question wavers, for there are certain aspects of change that one can control, while at the same time there are other aspects that one cannot. When the speaker in the poem attempts to change things on a larger scale, the world, his nation, his town; he ultimately fails each time. Reality eventually sets in...

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